4 comments on “Early Morning Breakfast, 23/11/2012 – HSI Fat Strips

    • Thanks a lot for the first comment! I should award you a prize! Hopefully I will be able to improve further as I return to blogging and trading.

      I use CMC markets for most long-term analysis, their platform is free and among the best I have found. It’s really easy and intuitive to customize screens to avoid total indicator cluttering, and they are easier to adjust parameters, view areas and switch time frames than most paid charting platforms I have used. Lately, I just need it open when I take quick market decisions just because it cuts down the time needed to get info to nearly a third.

      For my actual trading I use Interactive Brokers, partially because they have unbeatable commissions on the Hong Kong market, and partially as they have great scalability in terms of products and trades available for when I develop my trading further. Besides this, Hong Kong is riddled with good local data provision for free (such as aastocks.com, and plenty of banks here allow streaming quotes and market depth indications from the open) so I have rarely needed to rely on high-end premium data or system service.

      Among premium data packages available worldwide, I would say that the Metastocks is among the better, especially if you’re a Reuters user rather than a Bloomberg Terminal ditto. Still, my opinion is probably not much to go by since I never personally fell for the MetaTrader software! 😉

      Again, many thanks for the comment and I hope I will make future visits worthwhile!

  1. Many thanks indeed – I was told by a friend from HKUST you certainly know your stuff when it comes to trading, and for some time now I have wanted to translate – refine – my macro-led analysis to chartism &c. Your blog is helping me do this…keep up the good work!

    • Wow! I am highly grateful for the recommendation, but someone at HKUST needs a better reference than me when it comes to technical analysis!

      You’re coming from the right background; fundamentals are crucial! Like a friend of mine said: “Fundamentals tell us what to trade. Technicals tell us when.” I strongly believe that analysis gets better as it is spread, discussed and tested, and that’s why I blog. I could surely learn a lot from someone with fundamental skills based in Europe! If you have analysis to share or if you want to guest post, please let me know and I will be glad to discuss it with you!

      Regarding my blog, if you have any topics of interest or specific questions regarding technical analysis, I will do my best to give a reply. When I can’t help you directly, I will try to point you in the direction I think will be helpful for you. In the mean time, look up 2ndskies written by Chris Capre. It is Amazing. Repeat for emphasis: Amazing. He writes for trading the markets, but writes on a concept-based level of technical analysis rather than an indicator level, and goes so in-depth in price action that everyone will learn something there. Reading 2ndskies helps you leapfrog the vast majority of the analysis out there, including mine.

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