6 comments on “Political upset season, 03/12/2014 – Swedish edition

  1. Wonderful, just wonderful! I have scoured the interwebz far and wide for an individual with a keen insight into Swedish politics so that I may discuss this absurd situation.

    What has occured thus far is that they have called for a snap election, which I am sure you are fully aware of. The main issue for me is the fact that a staggering 75% of journalists vote for socialist parties and a majority vote for the Environmental party. A measly 1% vote for the Sweden Democrats and the bias of the media has been clear time and time again.

    What they fail to realize is that eventually they are undermining faith in their own broadcasting as Swedes who are fed up with the issues turn to alternative news sites which are growing at an unparalleled rate. These news sites mainly focus on that which the regular news ignore i.e. immigration and the problems that come with it.

    Whilst the regular news sites are losing readers faster than ever and having to fire journalists left and right the alternative news sites are growing at an unparalleled rate.

    -Avpixlat, Fria Tider, Exponer, Samtiden etc.

    To take one example of biased coverage would be the show “Blå Ögon” which was aired 3 days prior to the budget vote and sponsored by the extreme-leftist Robert Aschberg. That, mind you, was SVT a supposedly unbiased public service television.

    The risks that come with uncontrolled immigration from MENA are many and heres a few pointers.

    -Up to 600 000 asylum seekers in the next 4 years
    – 95 000 expected in 2015
    – 9 / 10 do not have any form of valid identification
    – 40 ISIS jihadists have returned from Syria and live in Sweden, the security police cannot deport due to lax laws and the laws cannot be strengthened without the mainstream political parties feeling that they have granted concessions to SD.
    – The most school arsons in the EU
    – The most bombed city in Europe is Malmö and the courthouse entrance was blown up the other day.
    – The most jihadists/capita in the EU
    – ISIS jihadists expected to be sleeper cells in Sweden and ISIS jihadists expected to come to Sweden pretending to be asylum seekers

    The above may seem like problems but there are only 300+ ISIS jihadists from Sweden. The real issue lies in the polarisation of Sweden between SD and the rest. Trust is the building block of a society and if trust in the state and citizens is consistently undermined real trouble may emerge.

    Things are heating up in my chilly Scandinavian country.

    • Swedish popular media (especially Aftonbladet / Expressen) have a special circle in hell reserved for them, I am certain of that. I do believe that it is probably a field reserved for people that slept around with each other while at some of Sweden’s top liberal arts university degrees and built enough political connections through that to have an easy time reporting on politics. It thus pains me enormously to have given them ad revenue yesterday following the budget debate discussion, but I think the quip by Lars Leijonborg [for other readers: FP’s former leader] is extremely telling: “In the Swedish debate today, there’s either advocating open borders or being labelled a radical racist, with nothing inbetween”. But this blog isn’t about media criticism, or immigration policy for that matter.

      The SD budget has been a rather telling display of the centre-left’s inability to stick to a message. (Jonas Sjöstedt on Tuesday night was ridiculously good at enforcing the message.) They lambasted the party for failing to vote for a part of their electoral promises (obviously the part that fell on the left) while calling their overall budget a “rightist extremist policies aimed at breaking an open society”. Gee… gonna make it a lot easier for any of the Alliance parties to cross the bloc-dividing aisle!

      Here’s a notion to all “establishment” Swedish politicians: Grow the **** up! Centre-right – you are in a massively troubling position electorally with a low voter base and three parties that might drop out of the parliamentary chamber at the drop of a hat in any election campaign. Show statesmanship and simply let the left side know what the basis for cooperation would be – you are in no position to call the shots anymore. Red-Greens – You broke parliamentary procedure tradition, you cooperated with SD for political gain, so now claiming a “state-weakening rightist conspiracy” and demanding that the opposition goes back on its own proposed budget on one afternoon is complete lunacy, spearheaded by a finance minister that doesn’t understand the purpose of budget reviews. Also, don’t talk high-and-mighty about cooperation, but then tear up the cooperative agreements that have been in place for half my life just so you can placate the left and environmentalists, showing thereby that you are not willing to uphold any deals in the future if there are short-term gains to be had. Finally, stop trying to lecture the opposition on how they lost the election and mandate for policy, about how Sweden “voted for a collaboration government, support for everyone, and a better environment” when you didn’t even gain a seat in parliament and by your own heckling descriptions Sweden is now further right thanks to the SD vote increase! Blaming each other for a mess is something schoolchildren d. Even when that happens adults in the room get angry and annoyed, and ask the kids to talk it through, reach an understanding and fix the problem. This level of maturity is obviously past the vast majority of Swedish politicians these days.

      It says a lot about a country when a party that are considered populist and extremist campaigns on moving closer to EU averages, and pulls major items from both sides of the aisle to compose a budget. Sweden is getting extremely hurt by a political discourse of exclusion, unwillingness for compromise, and personal attacks that they initially set as the doctrine for dealing with SD, but now start using across the two major blocs. This is of course fueled by the media, currently operatively run by journalists and opinion-makers that have been shaped by my generation of people, schooled “at the prime of Sweden’s scholastic achievements” of the 90’s and completely incapable to understand anything else than spectacular displays of shit-flinging. I hold a lot of disdain for all Swedish media, irrespective of source, since there is a general idea of Swedish media as “fair”, “unpartisan”, “unfettered to capital or ownership interests” and thus much beyond reproach, which I think must be part of at least journalists’ university education/indoctrination. This does extend to the independent media you mentioned (in my view), since their claim to “telling the truth” and “standing outside the establishment” is a similar claim to being beyond reproach for peddling opinionated pieces. (Their growth is a frightening indicator of the state of the rest of Swedish media though, and if you value your safety don’t mention trolly clickbait journalism for bottom feeder excrement opinions like Nyheter24 around me…) It draws a lot of likenesses to pages for foil-hats and conspiracy theorists like ZeroHedge, and as much as I might at times think the opinions make sense, Swedish politicians are dumb enough to trip themselves up on their own arguments even with the mainstream media helping them so I don’t see the need for “independent reporting”.

      Let the election come, let the chips fall where they may, with a Social Democrat party unfit to rule for a long time to come, and a centre-right bloc at the brink of collapse. Perhaps a 20-25% vote for SD will finally inspire the Swedish political class to go shove their shitty ideology-based strategies back up the holes they came from, and do something as radical as actually talking to each other and negotiate like they have something to gain from it. No matter the outcome with respect to who ends up in power, Sweden’s future would be a lot better off for it.

  2. I shall take the time to dignify your excellent response with an answer but for now let us both gaze upon this excellent piece of art which exemplifies the current state of affairs.

    • Haha, I distinctively believe I’ve heard something like “What elevates good artistry into high art is an ability to provide commentary on the societal and human conditions of the artist.” that fits rather well here!

  3. You ought not have mentioned *Nyheter “clickbait” 24*. That so-called magazine is popping up on my facebook much too often and makes me question the intellectual capacity of my acquaintances.

    I’m Swedish for the most part though so I won’t actually mention it 😉

    • It’s the equivalent of an opinion making Encyclopaedia Dramatica that gets money for its misdeeds, I should have known better than to use that to imply guilt-by-association for the rest of the media. People might get physically sick or something, but I have the same issue on FB…

      Nice to see someone else who is also “Swedish for the most part”, welcome to S3 and I’m glad you like my commentary!

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