Hire me?

You’re unlucky enough that you think anything I write makes sense, and you happen to be wondering if there’s any opportunity for me doing work for you? I will not turn down a person in need. [If you are here because of a background search preceded by me applying to do work for you, this section is rather irrelevant. If you come back to me we will discuss terms on a case-by-case basis and you already have my information. You can do more important things with your day than reading this, please do.]

Let’s get to how I would prefer this process would go. Follow these steps:

  1. Read the About Me page. If I still don’t seem like a blowhard/idiot/generally unreasonable person, please progress to step two.
  2. Consider if I’m legally allowed to do anything for you or if I would be willing to look into it. Things will generally fall into one of the five following categories:
    1. If it’s small and can be done over the internet, ask away. There is nothing too small, too big or too stupid to ask as long as it’s legal.
    2. If you’re in Taiwan, something (from writing a blog post, promoting something, running a few numbers in Excel/R/C++ as a favor, business development analysis or any short-term finance project work, freelance work under a work permit, or full-time jobs under local Master’s degree graduate terms for non-locals) can easily be arranged. Payment demands range from some publicity or referrals or publishing an “anonymized” version of the work here, a decent meal, to NT$20 000 equivalent for freelance work per week or full-time salaried work at NT$60 000 per month on baseline. Commission work will be gladly accepted, and I am willing to lower any demands based on clear, upfront career progression opportunities.
    3. If you can offer arrangements in Hong Kong, things are easy as well. I have a bunch of orphan bank accounts over there mostly for trying out different brokerage solutions, and I also have an IANG-permit, allowing me to work on the same conditions as a local graduate where my permit of stay in Hong Kong is dependent on nothing else than getting a job contract. (You will thus not need to sponsor a visa, that sort of stuff is all on me.) If you want me to take up employment long-term in Kong Kong, please outline the career progression paths very clearly. My baseline compensation demands would be HK$25 000 per month, with one month upfront for moving costs to be deducted in equal installments from my next six months of salary. I can meet you in Hong Kong within two working days.
    4. If you’re in the European Union, I could work for you locally, but the shorter the job duration the better. I am willing to negotiate anything on European jobs if there is a clear connection to East- or Southeast Asia or possibility to get placed there within 2-3 years. The work requirements are fairly similar to Hong Kong except I am a EU passport holder. I would ask for €3500 a month, the same one month front loaded, but in addition a one-month “Golden Handshake”.
    5. If none of the above apply, the baseline is US$3000 per month with two months “Golden Handshake”. I am willing to forego the upfront payment for any Japanese company paying JPY 400 000 per month or higher which hands me any opportunity to visit Japan.
  3. Consider clearly what you want me to do and whether my prior experiences can be used to do it. If your request falls in Category 5, please let me know any and all immigration requirements for someone with a Swedish passport. Otherwise job descriptions, performance measurements and any benefits of going above and beyond what you ask for will be highly appreciated.
  4. Fill out the contact form below. I will aim to get back to you within one business day.
  5. Wait.
  6. Negotiate.
  7. Profit!

Thanks for reading this and for making the evaluation that I can add any value to you. It means a lot to me to put my skills to good use, it means even more that I can measure exactly how my skills create wealth.

Best regards,



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