S3 Pit Etiquette

This is the post that outlines how I hope people will act and interact here, and the means I will apply to make sure that is the case.

First of all, the normal disclaimer rules apply. This is not financial advice, and if you do act uncritically on the information provided here, then you are very unlikely to either make money or trade according to a system that fits you. I sometimes write in the way that looks like advice, mostly as one would speak in person, but again, not investment or trading advice. If you have to be influenced by something, maybe try the thought process, and the way I search for information, but that’s a little bit like teaching you to read tea leaves.

One final word on this in the case that nothing else stuck: I don’t act solely on the information provided here. Do as I do rather than as I say.


The reason I wrote this was because I have filtered out a whole lot of spam recently, and some of it could have been written fairly, if it wasn’t for the related names/emails of the posters. There might have been something that sneaked through and was deleted anyway, but here are the basic comment rules if you want anything to show up to begin with:

  • No flattery. Saying something is good, that you like how I think, whatever, is something that 1. I have either no right to absorb because of not having traded enough, 2. something that is off topic or 3. something that makes you look like a spammer. If you really think that the way I analyzed a trade, or whatever, was good, then here’s news for you: There are people who can lose their entire account in one trade (happened to people I know much more than I’d like to have seen) irrespective of how good they were before, and there are people who have 80% losing trades and still make money. There is a “Like” button for these things.
  • Stay on topic. When in doubt, consider my tags, and see if you mention or discuss any of them or charts of the subject. If no, think twice whether or not comments will be removed due to being off topic.
  • Staying on topic includes not discussing any merits or demerits of other posters. If there are posts with content “I can’t believe you have the *bleep* *bleep* opinion of this given the FACTS of X, Y and Z!” I still consider that off topic or distracting, and will give the poster an opportunity to rephrase the statement to something like “I don’t see how given X, Y and Z you can come to the conclusion you did, it invariably leads to my conclusion instead.”
  • Use links with caution. I reserve the right to remove any post in its entirety that puts up links without describing somewhat what is in them before being clicked. Popular news/finance websites and blogs are pretty fair game, basic data sourcing (CIA Fact Book, Trading Economics, etc) is fair as well, but try to limit the linking, and be very careful with stuff like ZeroHedge.

I will be moderating everything, so this should be fairly fine, and it’s not like I expect heaps of comments to magically appear out of the blue on a non-aggressively advertised blog from a fresh university graduate anyhow.


Questions are highly welcome since I believe they facilitate good discussion. Pooling information and finding cool new ways of approaching investing, financial politics and developmental processes is essentially what this blog is about, so if I can get privileged enough to facilitate high-quality discussion, then I would very much enjoy the opportunity.


I’m not too enthusiastic to the prospect of dealing with contact requests for discussions and emailing/calling back and forth, since I want the blog to be isolated and free from whatever impression you have or would get of me personally. Again, there are people that are much more qualified and know you personally a lot better than me, so financial advice is out the window.

Should you think that you still need to get in touch, you would be able to contact me primarily through my Taiwan number, listed on my profile. My Hong Kong number is a bit of hit and miss, but if you have the opportunity to use Whatsapp, it’s no problem. However, since I also moderate all comments before they show up, if you want to contact me alone please just mark your comment “Confidential: Request for Contact” at the top and then start writing your message, including your contact details. I will take the details down, contact you and then erase the message. This is not out of a dormant desire to have things done in a spy-like process, but because I can see the first line of any comment in the moderation area, and it makes it a whole lot easier for me to see what you want. Of course, if you’re fine with your contact details being out, then just contact freely.

Things that I will primarily take care of in private through these contact means include any job applications, since I do mention in my cover letter that investing is a rather intensive hobby of mine. If you’ve seen my cover letter, you’re very likely to also have seen how to contact me, but cold approaches through the blog for those that haven’t are obviously appreciated. I will gladly discuss requests on technical analysis and how I parametrize or read my charts, and any more in-depth discussions on specific contracts, markets, asset classes etc are also welcome if you’re not comfortable publicly discussing your viewpoint.


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